Medical & Imaging Informatics research encompasses several areas of interrelated foci. Building on a longstanding history of NIH and NSF funding, our work spans the spectrum from cutting-edge methodological (algorithm) development through to translational applications and evaluation. We draw on interdisciplinary efforts and team science to create new paradigms for biomedical informatics research and healthcare.

Research News

New BREATHE paper

We just published a new mHealth paper in JAMIA Open. Initial findings from a pilot using the Biomedical REAl-Time Health Evaluation (BREATHE) platform. Congratulations to the LA PRISMS team! You can access the paper here.

Our new website

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Sorry, couldn't resist the joke. We have a new look! We're saying a fond farewell to our old MII website, and have updated major content for this launch. While we make some tweaks here and there and complete the refresh, you can see all of MII's ongoing research and learn about our programs at UCLA.

Paper published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

As part of CDSC, Dr. William Hsu co-authored a paper on using a 3D self-attention CNN for enhancing low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) images. The paper is entitled, SACNN: Self-Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Dose CT Denoising with Self-supervised Perceptual Loss Network, and you can read it here.